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Nir Zamek


Nir is the CEO and oversees all aspects of The Zamek Group since 1994 when the company was established, he is very passionate about properties.


In his spare time, he likes to race motorcycles. He enjoys listening to all types of music and he is a food and wine lover. Nir is a keen Arsenal fan and an avid collector of classic cars.

Ollie Zamek

Associate Director

In 2021, Ollie joined us to assist Nir and learn all aspects of the business.

A keen Spurs fan, Ollie enjoys poking fun at the boss over the weekend’s Premier League results.


MANAGER & EA to Mr. Zamek

Nadya, with over 20 years of management experience in the property sector, has excelled in roles across Canary Wharf, Harley Street, and Mayfair. Joining The Zamek Group in 2019, she brings a wealth of expertise. Outside work, Nadya enjoys reading, music, and cooking. A passionate traveler, she collects vintage watches and dabbles in jewelry making. Notably, Nadya is also an avid animal lover, actively supporting and advocating for animal welfare causes.


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