We are flexible when it comes to our requirements and acquire both residential and commercial property. At The Zamek Group we have a very positive approach and therefore tend to look for reasons to buy property as opposed to looking for negatives and reasons not to buy. Predominantly we specialise in acquiring property in prime London locations to develop or trade, however, over the years The Zamek Group have bought many properties as investments in particular HMO’s (House of Multiple Occupation). Whether the property is a studio apartment to renovate or a freehold office building, if there is an opportunity to add value, we will look at it.

We would consider any of the following:

  • *High income producing buildings
  • *Unmodernised flats/houses
  • *Developments
  • *HMO’s
  • *Shops and uppers
  • *Non-mortgageable properties
  • *Properties to trade